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[request] Easy songs for absolute beginners?

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I was dead certain there was one of these threads somewhere.... but i just spent 20 minutes with the search feature to find nothing....

I recently started learning guitar (by recently, I mean last week), but there's no way in Hades' Chambers I'm going to remember/not give up if I don't learn with something I like.

I listen to alot of artists, with my main interests being Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Versailles (soooo not going there), BLOOD, D, Matenrou Opera, etc. If anyone has chords/tabs they would like to share, I'd be very happy. :3

(And yes, I have tried google. Google actually led me back to this place.)

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^ I'm assuming for electric guitar?

Don't know what you searched for on Google but I typed in Jrock tabs and got a bunch of results. You could probably sift through those.


Or check something like this out: http://cleantab.com/tag/visual-kei-guitar-tabs/

However I can't say how accurate those tabs are

And as beginning guitarist, it's probably a good idea to maintain a good work ethic. First song I learned was twinkle twinkle little star and simple riffs like smoke on the water or Iron Man. Of course that was in addition to the basic chords and scales I was learning. Moved up pretty fast from there to really technical orientated stuff. But I started off on acoustic which made playing rock and metal songs a bit harder or certain pieces near impossible. I had to actually stop playing for an entire week because my fingers hurt so bad at the start. It took while for the callouses to develop and dealing with the acoustic guitar action was another bitch. But I had already been taking music classes and playing other instruments beforehand so I had a slight advantage. I actually don't really like tabs. I prefer sheet music. Or in the case of the guitar both.

If your really serious, even if you don't find the tabs you're looking for you could probably figure out the songs yourself. You just need a good ear, some guitar practice and basic knowledge on music theory. Depending on the actual composition and difficulty of a song. I don't if you have any music background or experience but if you don't, it would be a good to start with the basics. Like learning to read music, counting beats and all that. After all You can't really be musician if you don't know how to read music. 8)

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My callouses need to harden a little more but I play clarinet and sew/embroider, so it's not too bad on my fingers, and I do have simple materials from my cousin, I just figure it'll stick better if I like what i'm playing. My personal instrument is acoustic but i have electric I can borrow (my boyfriend's xD, he's the one who taught me to read tabs).

I can play by ear on piano, but i'm too inexperienced at this point on guitar to play it out, so ear playing will be a while.

Thanks again. :3

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