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Zodiac signs/Astrology (you know what I mean)

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I like telling people I'm the sign I can't spell. Most of my interactions with astrology is with looking up birthdays for people or characters I like and seeing if they match anyone I know. Like I get a little thrill knowing I'm the same sign as Sailor Jupiter.


One thing I do remember reading repeatedly about Sagittarius (yeah, I had to look up the spelling once again) is their love of travel. Which I never really thought much of since I'm a huge homebody. But lately I've been into going to see and do all the things so I guess maybe there's something to that after all.

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I am a big-time Libra. Actually, that might explain my attraction to VK as a whole - seems to go hand-in-hand. I (sometimes regrettably) find that I fit the standard Libra attributes to a tee (except for the dishonest/infidelitous side, which I don't relate to at all). Otherwise I fully embrace the sign and its pleasant mixture of vanity and logic.


My moon is in Taurus, which also feels pretty on the money in terms of comfort and desire for familiar surroundings. I'm a big "nester" and I like nice, comfortable things, so...

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