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What smartphone(s) do you use/have access to?   149 members have voted

  1. 1. What smartphone(s) do you use/have access to?

    • Android (Google)
    • iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) (Apple)
    • Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft)
    • Blackberry (Research in Motion)
    • Symbian (Nokia)
    • Palm OS (Palm)
    • Other (Please reply with your OS)

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There's really no reason for an app anymore considering there is a mobile version from the browser. I gave up on it.

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This would be awesome but I see there are some bigger plans already?   :)


These have actually already been executed! Kai made this post on January 13 2013, and we upgraded from PHPBB to IPB a few days later (I'm sure CAT5 clearly remembers this as well, or more like, his last.fm shoutbox probably does lmfao). IPB came with its own mobile version, so there was no reason to make an app anymore because the mobile version worked just fine :)

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So, I know that it's never going to happen, but I love the idea of the app.

That's because one can't be logged in an account on two or more devices simultaneously. When you're logged on your PC and you log on a phone (or another PC), you are automatically logged off on PC. I like the simultaneous thing, you know?

This is my humble opinion.

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1 hour ago, Zeus said:

I am currently logged into the website both on my phone and on my computer. As far as I know there are no settings within the forum that does this.


1 hour ago, Jiyun said:

I just opened on my cellphone and refreshed the forum on computer. Looks ok lol



That's strange. It works for me the way I described since I entered here, before the software update.


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