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The Official Monochrome Heaven App

What smartphone(s) do you use/have access to?  

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  1. 1. What smartphone(s) do you use/have access to?

    • Android (Google)
    • iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) (Apple)
    • Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft)
    • Blackberry (Research in Motion)
    • Symbian (Nokia)
    • Palm OS (Palm)
    • Other (Please reply with your OS)

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Hello everyone.

I'm in the process of developing an official mobile app for Monochrome Heaven, our favorite forum but I need your help!

I have the tech side covered (files, design, transferring) but I want to know what type of content you'd like to see!

Of course it'll have access to the forum but i'd like to put the Shoutbox in there too.

Should it be more "social" than the forum? Should we be able to make profiles/etc? Or keep it as it is?

Admin/Mods: If you'd like to help me, please get in contact with me (Twitter, last.fm, PM). I've somewhat had the okay but to make this a reality, I need help with transferring files over to the domain and such to make the app active.

I don't have an ETA but since i'm a busy guy with work M-F,9-5 and coming home to feed/spend time with the husband, I would say, once this project is officially in route, maybe by the fall.

Anyway, i've made a poll to see what users use when it comes to smartphones. Select the one you use and we'll go from there to get an idea of how in-depth I should develop this app. You can select 2 options (ex. I have an Android but also have an iPod)

Regardless, i'm making an Android and iPhone app since my daily phone is an Android and I have like two iPod touch's and an iPad laying around so i'll make an iOS app (iPad app might be difficult since I have to make the app bigger than normal).

Let's have at it.

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As I said in the shoutbox, I fully support this, even though I don't use any smartphone myself. :thumbs:

Really good idea. Since i don't use a smartphone though not sure if I have any contributions as far as what kind of content I would like to see but I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback from some of the other members. Good going.

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i voted for symbian for the most part cosmy main fone is still a Nokia for the moment. And i think will still do for awhile.

also despite Apple are positively going to be made an appp, i still voted for it also, just so Furik knows the feed back. since i got an iPod too.

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incredibly awesome, especially since I had a bit trouble accessing forum yesterday (I'm away from home and my laptop battery ran out so I had to use my phone while we're still in the wi-fi range). Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!

I use android

(but I'd have to mention that my screen is kinda small for an android so I had a lot of apps not working because the buttons would be off screen so if you know how to make it resize automatically or something like that, I'd be grateful to grave :D)

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Seems like a vast majority use iOS/Android with Symbian being the third most used. I would've thought it'd be Blackberry.

Anyway, just keeping you all up to date, I haven't abandoned the project - just been super busy.

Husband had surgery Wednesday night, been off-and-on going to work sometimes and taking off to care for him.

Might have to delay the project a bit but this is an idea I want to make happen.

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Well when you start the project officially just let me know. I want to see if I can be of any help too :D. I would like to fashion myself as an intermediate/advanced programmer in Java and C++ so I could whip something together using Eclipse and an AVD (and I could doubly present it as a project and get an A haha).

Also, hope your husband is doing well.

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