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Poetry Slam

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I remember I use to hate poetry in my early years but then I started writing tons of songs. Granted most of them were crappy 14-year-old penned songs with a few jewels here and there. Then I started to take it seriously and made great effort to improve. Part of that was analyzing lots of songs, and getting into poetry. Now I love it and study it on daily basis. I experiment using different techniques, rhythm schemes and writing about a wide range of subjects. I also have an immense respect for bands/artists who take great effort not only to make awesome music but to write awesome lyrics. Especially since there are bands out there with sub par or downright horrid lyrics. The better ones usually have music that’s good enough so that their song writing can be overlooked.

I'm sure I'm not the only here who writes lyrics, so feel free to give us a taste of your poetry/songwriting.

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All roads to you were a puzzle,

on-ramps and detours leading nowhere and back to each other.

like one of those paintings with the upside-down stairs,

left circling in the periphery of a sight too blinding.

Now only phantom fingers trace the tracks on my cheeks.

a faraway memory calls to my muscles to tilt back my chin.

A symphonic fragment of a conversation arrives by wind,

Tied and bound with careless film in a precision bow.

Hidden footage plays from treasured empty spaces

Of love laid bare to tempt a desperate soul.

There was always something beautiful about the winter

setting fire across a canvas of snow

a cold bed burning all around it.

I kept the fact it's a reflection a secret,

Pushed it back so I could bask in visual warmth.

The fit was deafening as you filled a pre-formed mold,

heat redefining the edges and intricate grooves.

Now laid exposed, hand-shaped and too complex.

Long-drawn crafted letters spanning lines from edge to edge,

Inking a prose so sweet the gilded parchment aches,

But a more palatable opaque translation is forced to overlay

A work of stillborn fear and capsized love.

A faint ghost tingle traces the space between my ribs,

Fingers to brush aside hair that left long ago.

A spider-veined foundation is outlined in a clarifying mist

Tempest wails from beleaguered supports no longer tended

Are choked by gritted shutters – their hinges fused with rust.

The whole structure shifts in a muffled plea to be rebuilt.

No longer can I wish through filtered eyes.

Is it fostered love for you that floods my branching veins?

Or is it the desire for that illusory visage of a sweet translation

Forever to be bound to gilded page?

I'm really a fan of poetry and perform quite a bit at slams. I'd really like to start writing music and producing songs though.

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I post most of my stuff at my tumblr blog. I'm not that good yet though, only started last summer. I'll just post one.

Twin life

The missing pages from our youth, I heard

they’re tied to our chest

or nailed to burning crosses,

pulling us into smog-drowned skies,

tearing off our roots like insect wings.

The intimacy of closed doors

mixed with the blisters on our lips

still lives in ash-colored photographs,

black-and-blue film reels,

the landmines buried in our hearts

uncovered in our sleep.

Feign ignorance, the poison is the answer!

When all that remains is

escapism in the empty theatre

for the broken puppets sleeping in our closets,

close that diary and close off your mind.

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the searing lantern gold
manifests metallic
midst this the devils dwell
daemonic death-droids gold
with garlands made of gold

arrived at metropolis
it presents just ten teeth-droids
light laurel tied to gold "ears"
next to them tear-shed she-droids
in teeth-towns they moaned white noise
these were the snow-white witches
qur'anic verses were sung
computer-singing death-droids
and there were lip-droids lazing
and then they arrived tower-midst
here were the circus creatures
gold androids with gold dentures
which gold-shone with gold bosom
a single alloy gold curl
a maiden gold-metallic

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