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The new desktop has been finalized. i3 is such a killer window manager.

Is there any possibility that you (or someone else) can make a thread on how to install those different desktop designs? I've looked into a little bit but can't find any of them, or the specific methods on how to install them.

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@Lestat, the latest screenshot of mine is not Windows but Arch Linux, so it can be mad complicated as I built the entire OS from scratch. It's way flexible though.


I assume you're using Windows according to the image of your desktop on the past few pages.

Well, customizing a Windows desktop is kind of limited IMO, but you can try using some free software like Rainmeter (I started with it first as a beginner) and RocketDock.

You probably don't need any in-depth tutorial but some inspiration; e.g. some customized desktops on DeviantArt where you can also get fancy icons there.

I'd suggest starting with something simple first, you can learn as you go so that you know how it works and the rest are up to your imagination and creativity.

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