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Favourite depressive black metal albums? I'll join in and I'll post a shitload of my favourite releases of the subgenre, but a lot of these are from before the boom, tho. Some might disagree with including an album like Hvis lyset tar oss, because is it really depressive black metal? Well, it sure is borderline. But a lot of the albums that were released post-94 that has the depressive black metal tag to them are heavily influenced and based on the sound of Hvis lyset tar oss, End of Life, Strid, Ravens over the Road of Kings, Forgotten Woods, Through the Woods, As the Wolves Gather, Sjel av natten and a few more. And while that doesn't make the original album a part of the subgenre itself, I do feel like Hvis lyset tar oss belongs on the list.


Strid - End of Life

Strid - Strid

Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss

Forgotten Woods - As the Wolves Gather

Forgotten Woods - The Curse of Mankind

Forgotten Woods - Sjel av natten

Forgotten Woods - Forgotten Woods / Through the Woods

Nidhoggr - Ravens Over the Road of Kings

Wigrid - Hoffnungstod

Wigrid - Die Asche eines Lebens

Nyktalgia - Nyktalgia

Hypothermia - Rakbladsvalsen

Hypothermia - Gråtoner

Hypothermia - Veins

Hypothermia - Köld

Trist - Stíny

Trist - Sebevražední andělé

Trist - Zrcadlení melancholie

Xashur - Nocturnal Poisoning

Xasthur - The Funeral of Being

Make a Change... Kill Yourself - II

Austere - Withering Illusions and Desolation

Austere - To Lay like Old Ashes

Lifelover - Pulver

Lifelover - Konkurs

Drowning the Light - Drowned

Woods of Desolation - Toward the Depths

Woods of Desolation - Sorh

Min Kniv - Av aske

Nargaroth - Geliebte des Regens

Brocken Moon - Das Märchen vom Schnee

I Shalt Become - Wanderings

Mortualia - Mortualia


Then you have bands like Bethlehem, Celestia, Leviathan, Mortifera, Sombres forêts, Gris, Amesoeurs and so on which is borderline depressive black metal on certain albums. But enough to be included? I don't know. But all these bands rules.


Anyway, 33 albums, but only 19 different artists. Tells you everything you need to know about this subgenre IMO. After the boom a billion and two bands formed, but the vast majority is hilariously bad, sad and ridiculous. When it hits, it hits hard. But for most part it doesn't hit at all. The albums are usually very very good, or simply bad. There's rare to find something inbetween.


But it is a genre I play a lot during winter. Bands like Trist, I Shalt Become, Woods of Desolation, Hypothermia, Forgotten Woods and Strid are in heavy rotation during winter. Especially Trist is nothing short of perfect during this time of year.



The worst example of this subgenre is probably this hilarious piece of music:



Good on them having an elephant doing the vocals, tho.

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Some news:



Portrait - Burn the World


Burn the World


Portrait started off really strong in 2008 with their self-titled debut album which was a really good Mercyful Fate worship album, but since then they've gotten gradually worse. Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae were a more King Diamond-esque album adding more finnese and technique to the riffing, but still a fantastic album. Crossroads were also very good, but going in a much more progressive direction. This new song however, was boring. It was bad. Robin Holmberg (Vampire)  has joined on guitars, and maybe that explains the more thrashy riffing. I don't know. Not impressed at all.




Attic - Sanctimonious

The Hound of Heaven


Attic formed a bit later than other Mercyful Fate and King Diamond worshippers such as Portrait and Trial, but they are no less good. Sanctimonious will be their first album since 2012's great The Invocation, and judging by this song this will be no worse. The intro is 100% Kind Diamond. Could easily have been taken off a King Diamond album. The vocals are brilliant and probably the closest I've heard anyone come King Diamond. In other words, best Kind Diamond song in ages!



And for those who missed it, Trial released their third album earlier this year. Less Mercyful Fate/King Diamond-esque than Portrait and Attic, but very good tho.







Vulture Industries - Stranger Tides


As the World Burns


These guys started as an Arcturus-esque worship band, but with every single release they've moved further and further away from that sound and found other inspirations/influences. Devil Doll is a band that basically took over for Arcturus on their last album, even including a FANTASTIC interpretation of Devil Doll's Eliogabalus. The sound of this song was surprising. Very psychedelic rock-esque, and I wonder if they're familiar with Hail Spirit Noir. I get some strong Hail Spirit Noir vibes from this track, and that is cool.



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@Bear That's about it. In retrospect it's almost funny go through old message boards and youtube comments where the DSBM internet circle was considered almost an existential threat, only for the sound to eventually fizzle out and largely pass away unnoticed. It's a good time now to do a proper survey and see which ones are worth keeping, and then try to form a general picture of the sound and remember the good times we've had because in theory I think the sound is great. 


I'm definitely a kid of the era because I know all those bands with the exception of one, but I specifically asked for it because I couldn't fucking remember them; and speaking of being a kid of the era I recall the really bad ones far better than the good ones. 



It's a fine line between sounding raw, or a middle school band's first practice. 

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Which did you not know?


Not really a fan of Nocturnal Depression. They sound way too Happy Days- and I'm in a Coffin-esque to me. I just can't get into the atmosphere, and when you can't get into the atmosphere it's not worth anyone as the subgenre is all about atmosphere. Should like it, but just can't.



But since we're on a Japanese music forum, let's include some Japanese bands too:



A nice mix of funeral doom and depressive black metal. Always thought this project was a bit underrated.



Another project by O. Misanthropy (Kanashimi), but with him he's got the help of Vlood (Magane, Zombie Ritual) and Alabaster (Magdala Ju-nen). Aside from a split with Infernal Necromancy, these guys never got past the demo stage. A bit more on the melodic black metal side of things than other bands in the genre, but a depressive black metal band nonetheless. Good stuff



Fairly traditional depressive black metal, but the demo is very good. Great atmosphere, and some of the changes during the riffs are really odd. Makes it a lot more interesting.



Doomy, depressive black metal. This is an album that stands out from the crowd IMO. I think the atmosphere is a bit similar to Krohm (a band I forgot about in my previous post. Both albums and demos rules!), but the sound is entirely different.




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Oh nocturnal depression is horrible I POSTED THAT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE IT just to clarify


I wasn't aware of Brocken Moon, and surprisingly they seem to have been around since 1999 ( but a lot of German bands fall under the radar, or so it appears ). Out of those Japanese bands I only knew Kanashimi and only by name really. You're really the guy to count on with lists tho. Re-spekt


Going to raid the parents liquor cabinet tonight and listen to Trist and Hypothermia like it was 2010 again. 



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Oh, my bad. Good then. I'm very surprised about how well-received Nocturnal Depression was when they broke through, and they still have quite a strong name. I don't get it at all.


I'm not surprised by that. I don't think I've ever talked to someone in real life nor on the internet who's aware of Brocken Moon. Which is a bit of a surprise to me. Now, the debut album Mondfinsternis isn't all that to be honest. Quite a standard affair. It's ok, but not much more than that.


But the demo Schattenlicht des Mondes and the two albums Das Märchen vom Schnee and Hoffnungslos however are really good, and not quite as standard. Superb atmosphere! Tho, some might have problems hearing past the production of Schattenlicht des Mondes or the godawful, embarrassing cover art for Hoffnungslos. But if you are able to do that you'll find quite a lot to enjoy.


This song sums up the quality of Das Märchen vom Schnee very well:



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On 29.6.2017 at 7:21 AM, Bear said:

It's not been a brilliant year for thrash metal, but there's been some good releases if you ask me. Not all these are pure thrash, but I'd recommend checking 'em out anyway:


Droid - Terrestrial Mutations

Progressive speed/thrash heavily influenced by Voivod, Coroner, Vektor,Megadeth and stuff. Imagine if Megadeth anno 1985 were inspired by Voivod and Coroner instead of Metallica.


Evil - Rites of Evil

I haven't heard this entire album, but their demos and splits, as well as the three songs released from this album is great. Think Sabbat, Bathory, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Bulldozer, Tormentor, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and so on. 80's black/thrash all the way.



Full streams of both albums:





Droid sounds very good and Evil sounds like an instant classic. So fucking great, and the solos are crazy good. Superb!

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