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Disbanded Favorites/Bands That You Miss So Much

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reload ==> ayabie with Ryōhei ==>  dali => aikaryu

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I've been pretty lucky. Most of my absolute favourite bands either came back in the past few years or are still going.


The only disbanded ones coming to mind are Psycho le Cemu and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. PLC keep holding reunion shows every now and then, and it's not like TMGE can or should get back together after Abe Futoshi passed away, so I can't really complain about those two either.

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1. 藍華柳





2. Missalina Rei





3. La Fẽerie





4. Aioria





5. 蜂-biene-





Also some of SHINA's older bands like NOi'X, NOISY CROWDS or モル・ノヲド. I know he's still kind of active (?) but 弾丸少女 really blows compared to the other ones. >:

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Malice Mizer! One of my favorite bands and I got into them during 2007 T-T

Also I miss old Velvet Eden, before the reunion :P (used to be my all time favorite band but the music has just lost a lot of quality...)

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CodeRebirth - short lived but I loved everything they put out

DELUHI - perhaps still are my favourite band that ever was

GALEYD - followed these guys from the very start

Signal - gutted that I missed their last ever live by 3 days

Versailles - I can't get into either Jupiter or solo Kamijo


Those are the ones that immediately come to mind. Of course there's a bunch more but these are all fairly recent.

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Game/Spam Topic - '5 disbanded bands, which should've never disbanded'

I knew I answered a similar thread! x'D


Just stating in here too by quoting mine from there;


1. Awoi - One of my absolute favourite bands ever. They helped me a lot with their music so I was completely broken when I read the news.

2. DELUHI - Sudden disbandment to me, I'm still recovering. They deserved a much longer active time.

3. 9 GOATS BLACK OUT - One of those rare bands that never fails to create beautiful art with their music. I feel that their disbandment is a major loss to the scene.

4. D'espairsray - Pretty much everything I've said above of each band, they never failed to impress me with their music. Just irreplaceable.

5. Ayabie - The main band, to me, which just isn't the same with their newest music groups. I miss the old Ayabie and always will.


Pretty much any disbandment I'll get upset about but I've never felt more depressed about any band breaking up than the above lot. ;_;

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This is just the Japanese stuff that's still in my iTunes. There's plenty more....


D'espairsRay (Indefinite hiatus?)
Foreground Eclipse
ハートレス (Heartless)
ラヴィアンローズ (LA VIE EN ROSE)
Pay money To my Pain
ヴィドール (Vidoll)
ゾディア (Zodia)

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I'm counting bands that are on hiatus too. And this is mostly from just glancing at iTunes. There's more but these are the ones that stuck out the most to me for various reasons...

  • Belmosaic (this one hit a lot harder than I thought it would...)
  • cocklobin (their last live was one of the best I've been to; I got a lot of closure with them there)
  • Heartless
  • kannivalism
  • boogieman
  • Hana Shounen Baddies
  • Billy
  • CodeRebirth (the first time I saw them was at their last live.........)
  • GHOSE (I got into them quite a while after the last time I saw them...........)
  • Heisei Ishin
  • XA-VAT
  • 8-eit

I wanted to add baroque because baroque ≠ BAROQUE in my mind (says the person going to see them in June)


Related note: Oneness and Cradle are about to break up and I'm slowly realizing I'll miss them a lot more than I ever thought I would. Mostly because they've been so fun live. Cradle idk if I'll get into them recorded.

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  • AILE; their sound was so unique, I miss the synths, everything. No one will replace them in my heart. ToT;

juliadoll; each time I'm listening them and I hear HAL's voice, I still can't cope their disband. W H Y ;-; he had such an unique tone.

Lolita23q; I miss them so much tho, whatever the vocalist. I miss barefoot Sou and his shitty live voice lmao.

JIVE; I'm pissed, 2 maxi-singles 1/2 aren't enough for me. :'(

ClearVeil; even if Saki suck at screaming, I'm nostalgic when I'm listening to their songs. I'm like "oh! this moment! it was good!... :'("

Rentrer en Soi; I'm not fond of Satsuki-doing-his-Kyo-vocalises but I miss them tho. When I listen to kuuhaku no joukei, I'm just :'3

Yuuichi (ex-Shulla, Viored and AUBE); seems that (according to his twitter) he's doing some drum support for Yeti (?). I'm not sure. I wish he would come back in a better band than AUBE..I loved Kaito (and I was so excited that the two + Sae were back together!) but, AUBE wasn't as great as Shulla.

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wow reading from the list, soo much nostalgia!

clearveil, since1889, deluhi, awoi, OZ, d'espairsray, 12012, skull, vidoll. haha


by the way, disbanded favorite would definitely be Malice Mizer. Tetsu era preferably. 

Loved the demo tapes and Memoire. His voice was different and suited well with the french theme that they were going with. It was all too good.


other bands I like to mention is GaGaaling and Amuza.

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I really miss this band called MUCC, It's sad how they suddenly disappeared without a trace in 2005.

funny you should say that, there was this other band, also called Mucc, that i really enjoyed. but they somehow vanished 2009-ish^^

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