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9 hours ago, cvltic said:

Yeah, the new EVILLY(.wav) got cut from the best of by King Rec because it had banned words in it lmao. Since it was distributed for free on their site it's probably OK to share it here, right? EVILLY.wav

You're the best! I couldn't remember what song it was. Just that it was one word (as is like 80% of their songs) and it started with an E (which doesn't narrow it down any further).

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tri-monthly bump time in anticipation of the prodigal son returning home this weekend


they've almost sold out makuhari which is incredible (the yellow triangle on the page indicates that there are few tickets remaining)
to even get the triangle is far beyond what i expected

they're also offering nagoyan fare at the venue with incredible names such as:
i'meshi-ck b'cuz love you (dote-meshi)
i believe in men (kishimen)
light-ni-ng (dote-ni)
you-lynch. (youlinji)

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it's definitely a reference to the song! specifically the pre-pulse_ MCs where hazuki asks everybody if they want to fuck/says a bunch of other filthy shit... it's kind of a fandom in-joke to use the word "pulse" in place of "sex" sometimes

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On 7/1/2018 at 7:02 PM, Melon Soda said:

- Asanao dropping his pick at the beginning 

- hazuki playing guitar with his teeth

- ysk pulling a fan out of his ass

- reo’s standing outbursts. 


They should do this at every live

I wish I could see them live :(

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