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DOGMAS first maxi-single "サキュバス" (Succubus) release

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I also wanted to just post about them but i guess you beat me to it...

Although i also got no clue who they are...

But here are some links for whenever they decide to publish something. ;D



https://twitter.com/dogmas_official (HELL YEAH for being follower number 1!! XD)

https://crosscat.shop-pro.jp/?pid=152045181# (here you can see their first look)


Well excited to hear how they'll sound.

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1 hour ago, Alkaloid said:

Vo.SiON is ex-NOKUTO

HELLY YEAH! I already thought yesterday that the guy in the middle looks familiar.

I really liked NOKUTO and this first songs sounds very nice.

Just wondering wtf is up with their like/dislike ratio on their 1st MV... ...14 dislikes already!? COME ON!

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I gotta say I'm digging what I'm hearing so far. This generic nu-metallish style feels almost like a breath of fresh air (however paradoxical that may sound) among the sea of generic wannabe-core bands. The clean vocals could use some work, but it's a first release after all.


I'll try to keep my eyes on them.

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6 hours ago, -NOVA- said:

riff is basicly Ugly by gazette and the vocalist sounds so uninterested

You mean What's Up People by MTH, haha... and the list could go on and on I guess. :D 

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