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[HELP] Babykingdom new digital single

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Can anyone help me get it? I've been trying for an hour with VPN, new accounts, and even random phone apps. I just can't get it D,:

It's "誰かのヒーロー" on iTunes and Dwango. I only have Paypal and iDeal, no Credit card (I'm Dutch)



This is the cover art of the single for reference


If anyone can buy it for me and send me the mp3, I'll send back whatever it had cost you via Paypal!

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It's because of the timezone. Basically, digital releases are available on the release date at 0:00 AM in each different timezone.

For example, you will have to wait for a Japanese release some hours until it's up in your country at 0:00 AM on the same date if it's sold globally.

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