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GOATBED concept album "瞬間的ポリフォニー" (Shunkanteki Polyphony) release

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GOATBED concept album "瞬間的ポリフォニー" (Shunkanteki Polyphony) will be released at 2020/05/27 (2750yen)

it will include different versions of one song composed for the drama "DRAMAtical Murder".



01. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(Only the piano)

02. 瞬間的ポリフォニー

03. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(Instrumental)

04. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(SITHA REMIX)

05. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(20%PERSONS REMIX)

06. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(Palate-cleansing side dish)

07. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(2.5 dimensions ROUGH TRADE)

08. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(A format for female to sing) Vo. いとうかなこ

09. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(A format for female to sing_Instrumental

10. 瞬間的ポリフォニー(ピアノと歌)



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1 minute ago, Splendor of beauty said:

Yeah,but there are actually covers or re-rec (about singles, correct me if I’m wrong)

As far as I know that cover album is at least supposed to be a sequel to the FC-limited cover album they dropped last year (the one featuring covers of Depeche Mode / YMO etc.) so presumably it's in the same style. I -think- those singles are actually completely new songs but they've been releasing so much lately that i haven't 100% been able to keep up with everything ...

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