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Selling my collection of Jrock CDs and DVDs, and rare items!

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Hi guys, during this lock down, I have the opportunity to organize my Jrock collection. My parents are downsizing and I will no longer live in this home so everything has to go.

I am a hardcore collector, so most of them are in excellent conditions ( I kept everything in plastic sleeves). Some of them I brought from second-hand stores, so the conditions aren't perfect. These items will be marked, and you can ask for photos before you buy.


Pricing (in USD)

I have priced everything well below what I paid for/ the market price.
Great discount if buy a few items together, I would love to find a good home for these items.





Interac E-transfer if you are in Canada


Shipping Worldwide from Canada

Buyer will pay for shipping

Canada post - depending on the weight, and the shipping method you choose.


If you have any questions about the items or need photos, please feel free to ask.



Coll:set $10 - (slightly aged, but in great condition)

Redeemer $10 - limited edition CD+DVD

Monsters $10 - limited edition CD+DVD

Final Call$6 - limited edition A CD+DVD$4 - regular edition

Redeemer $10 - limited edition CD+DVD



Horizont $6 - limited edition CD+DVD

Tonan No Hoyoku $10

Gokusai $10 - limited edition B CD+DVD

Shion $10

Libra $5 - limited edition CD+DVD

Nihon Retto konton Heisei Shinnojyu $15 - DVD

World tour final nippon budokan 666 $20 - First press DVD



M.E.R.R.Y $10 - limited edition

Many Merry Days #1 $15 - DVD


Plastic Tree

Rira no ki $8

Tremolo$5 - (limited edition paper sleeve, has a small mark on it)

Premium Best $5

Spica $5

Makka no ito $5 - limited edition CD+DVD

single collection $10

hide & seek $5

Parade $5

Puppet Show $10

Nega to Poji $10 - limited edition CD+DVD

Chandelier $10

Utsusemi $10 - limited edition CD+DVD

B side pictoral $5

Hana moete, bourei no namida, tenmaku ni ochiru $15 - DVD

Zero@nippon budokan $20 - DVD



Shadows $10


L'arc en ciel

Ark $5 (slightly aged, has shop sticker on the case)

Ray $6 (slightly aged, but in good condition)

Heaven's Drive $5

Seventh Heaven $3 (slightly aged, has shop sticker on the case)

Link $3 (slightly aged, has shop sticker on the case)

Smile tour 2004 $10 - DVD



GO $8 - North American edition



Raison d'etre $3 (slightly aged, has shop sticker on the case)

the world ruler - $10 special edition CD+photo book, sample (has shop sticker on the case)

libido $10 - special edition CD+photo book (has shop sticker on the case)


the studs

alansmithee $10 - limited edition CD+DVD



Shin~deep~ $7

Shudder $7

Heart $5 - CD

not obtain+1 $10

Knightmare $10 - regular edition

Play dolls $10

Taiyo $10 for all three editions limited edition A CD+DVD, limited edition B, regular edition

mar maroon $8 - limited edition CD+DVD

Usubeni to Ame $5 - limited edition B

DIAMOND $8 - limited edition CD+DVD

SEVEN $8 - limited edition CD+DVD

Deicida of Silence $8

The Swan $5

12012 $15 - 2disc DVD

Muho chitai $10 - 2disc DVD

Encore japan tour 2005 XII party $10 - DVD


hide&seek tour2006 $10 - DVD

5th anniversary special lvie $10 - DVD

Japanese Rock Colelction Cure $5 - talk, interview DVD



Best1999-2008 Remastered $10


the Hiatus

Trash we'd love $10

A World of Pandemonium $10



EMI 1994-1998 Best or Worst $15 (slightly aged, but great condition)

Corkscrew $10 (slightly aged, but great condition)



Blood Rock n Roll $8 (slightly aged, but great condition)

Nightmare $5 (slightly aged, but great condition)

Tokyo $8 (slightly aged, but great condition)

The rose god gave me $10

Babylon $10 (slightly aged, but great condition)

Misery $8 - CD+DVD

The 7 deadly sins $10



last song $5

kimi no koto ga $5

Law's $10 - CD+DVD

Aurora $5

Forever Love $10 - CD+DVDPoetry $10

Kurutta Kajitsu $5

Self cover Medley Premium box $20

madrigal of decadence $12 - limited edition A CD+DVD+photobook

Tenshi no uta $10 - DVD (sample)

40X $10 - 2CD + photobook






The Live - all of urge $8



Ja,zoo $10


Luna Sea

Style $10

Mother $10

God bless you ~one night dejavu~ $20 - DVD



Winter, again $10- mini single, very rare (slightly aged, but great condition)

Answer feat Kyosuke Kimura $3 (slightly aged, has shop sticker on the case)



Mizu Ni Tokeru Yuki 2008.04.30 At Shibuya-ax $10 - DVD


**** thanks for looking!****


I also have a large collection of Dir en grey CDs, DVDs, Merch and memorabilia.  I am in the process of putting everything together, but you can let me know if you are looking for anything, chances are I will have them! (prices from $5 to $50 depending on what you are after, some of them are extremely rare)


Also, I have a collection of VK magazines and loose pages, I don't want them to go to the recycle bin! If you are willing to pay for shipping, I am willing to sell and ship!

will be happy to  take videos to show you what I have!





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