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[SELLING] various CDs [UPDATED 10/4]

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Hey there!


I'll be selling ALL the cds i have left of my past vkei/jrock and so on collection i owned.
Due not really being into the scene for years ( unless it's lynch. ) i recently found the cds again and they deserve a better home than they have here.
I'll be updating the post because i'm still sorting them out!


ALSO i'll be shipping from the Netherlands! and i accept PayPal etc


Everything can go for 4 euros per CD / DVD. ( they aren't sealed no more.)



Reborn Type A
Reborn Type B
Reborn Type C
Evils ( CD )
Evils ( CD + DVD )

Ms. Psycho ( CD )




Psycho Diva ( CD )
Psycho Diva ( CD + DVD )
Demons ( CD )
Dogma ( CD + DVD )
Red Hot Cobra ( CD )
Devilish of the PUNK ( CD + DVD )




Aquarium ( CD )
Aquarium  ( CD + DVD )
Loving & Vicious Key ( CD + DVD )


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