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edit: will add merch or other items once lives are stable again and the band announces instores etc


Hey guys! I'm offering a RANDS shopping service for their new single. My next live is March 31st but because that's so sudden, I can't help with merch yet. Maybe May 1st I can, since I have lives that month (depending on their stock too). If anyone sees this and wants their new shirt and can message me in like, 12 hours then we can work something out. But chances are very slim. Other than that, we can discuss end of April or May 1st regarding goods!


 Shipping is from Japan though so it'll be quite pricey (I'll only do EMS shipping). But there's a high chance I might just make it $20 EMS shipping for everyone to make it easier. Although if shipping to your country is ridiculously high then I'd like us to negotiate that please lol


Anyway, new single is being released on May 11, 2020.  called「茹でた隠元豆のある柔らかい構造」


Lemme break down the price. CD is originally 1500yen but after tax it's 1650yen. ( http://www.jishubanclub.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=蘭図 )
My price for the CD is $20USD (sorrysfknsdjn but it'll cover other fees I have to deal with on my end)


PayPal only.
EMS Shipping only (has tracking)
Shipment from Tokyo.
*Once the item has been shipped then everything from there on out is not my responsibility, i'll bubble wrap the HECK outta it tho*


It'd be easier to reach me at any of the following so pls contact me there:

Twitter: _monochrome05 

Email: reidadimskies@gmail.com


Obviously, if I cannot get an item or something happens, I'll refund. But CDs should be fine.


Let let know how many CDs you wish to have and what country it has to be shipped to please!

**Please note that by the time of the release date, I'll be working full time Monday-Friday so I can ONLY send packages on Saturdays. Occasionally I work Saturdays so we can discuss that privately if you order from me**


*Unfortunately I cannot help with cheki. But if you like the bassist Makoto then we can maybe negotiate something.



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6 minutes ago, solaris05 said:

A lot of them got postponed but thankfully not this one!!! I was surprised for sure tho

Yes, may be that's not right, but this spring is so disappointing so we all need something cheerful...

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