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new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed

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new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed in January and they have released their first demo single, "THE MISSING DEAD" on digital platforms on March 21.



Vo.宗 (sou)

Gt.kairu (ex-La'Vistier --> {mid:night})

studio support Dr.Maurizio Antonini (for this release only)





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12 minutes ago, Gesu said:

I actually really liked that. Got strong More vibes.

Thank you! Love More and Loki is a great guy.


7 hours ago, suji said:

support Dr.Maurizio Antonini

Thanks for sharing the song Suji! ❤️

Mr.Antonini is a studio musician living in Rome,Italy that we are using for the 1st releases ^_^ live support will be the drummer of Anatomy.

6 hours ago, Disposable said:

Moar like encell disbandintwomonths amirite

badabing badaboom! haha. Will try for a bit longer than that. Maybe 3 months and a hotpocket.


7 hours ago, evenor said:

incel disdain yassssss!!

yussss. /m/

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32 minutes ago, saiko said:

10/10, definitely will look forward your next releases, and hope you save VK from its current misery state. 

Am but a single lil foreign man in a sea of fakeness but I try to put my love for all things oldschool VK into these songs ❤️ hope that can be felt in these songs. 


Have had a lot of people put that save VK thing on me, maybe should make some kind of Jihad song? Kill zee infidels. Spit on the false Queen my bruddahs 

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