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[SELLING] 1 Week Only - Various CDs

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  • Selling Various CDs
  • Shipping is from Japan. I can offer small packet, registered small packet, or EMS (order: cheapest to most expensive).
  • I accept PayPal
  • Pricing is in USD


XAA-XAA (Rare/Hard to Find): 

- Usotsuki - original 2014 edition as well as 2015 edition
- Kowai Kurai
- Doshaburi no Kanojo
- Shinitai

I'm considering about $30 per CD plus shipping, but I will sell to the best offer.

For the right price I am willing to part with my unopened copies instead of the opened copies.

*Note: only one of each CD is available. I intend to keep one full set for myself, but I have no reason to have two sets.

**If these are not sold this week, I will be taking them to PureSound.



Everything else is $3 + shipping
(most I put in romaji for ease of reading but if I was unsure of the reading of the kanji I just left it as is)

  • Adapter。- 艶男。 - adeosu - 
  • Ayabie - International Limited CD (bought at....A-Kon?)
  • Blesscode - Mind Core
  • Blesscode - Eau de toilette
  • Blesscode - Bizarre
  • Blesscode - The Beginning Code (The sleeve the CD is in has seen better days)
  • Blesscode - 白夜の一雫 
  • Fixer - Dawn
  • GIGAMOUS - Boku no CARICATURE, Kowashite Motasu (type A, B, C)
  • GIGAMOUS / Hana Shounen Baddies / The Sherry - Bootleg
  • Hana Shounen Baddies - Bench (Type A, B)
  • Hana Shounen Baddies - Boogie Woogie (Type A, B)
  • Hana Shounen Baddies - Otomezakura (Type A)
  • Jassy - Ajiwai Jassy
  • Jully -Gen to Shin no Jitsu
  • KRAD - 垣間魅ル少女Aノ闇
  • MeLt - Kuzuna (both types available)
  • Raphael - eternal wish
  • Serial Number - Kassai - KASSAI - 
  • Serial Number - Shiroi Kyouai
  • Serial Number - 琉海 WahLD!
  • Serial Number - Radicarhythm
  • Sick2 - Makura Eigyou Hajimemashita (I have several copies, 1 copy is on hold but I still have more)
  • SHIVA - Believer (2 copies)
  • Shonenki - Kokoro Monster (Type B)
  • Shonenki - Weakness_My Blood Comment + MV spot (DVD)
  • Sonic Deth Monkey - Komami Kui
  • Starku - Sailor-fuku to Natsu Yasumi 
  • Vivarush - Toushindai Dreamer 
  • VRZEL - Dear Omen 
  • XAA-XAA - Yomei (CD only ver)
  • XAA-XAA - Love Letter (unopened, CD only ver. and CD + DVD ver.)
  • XAA-XAA - Mazarenai
  • XAA-XAA - Dosuguroi (Unopened) 
  • XAA-XAA - Shitaidake Desho? (Unopened)


I'm trying to clear up space at home and after about a week if these CDs aren't claimed, they will be tossed in the trash. 


Pictures available upon request. 




The below items are on HOLD

XAA-XAA Usotsuki (2015) & Doshaburi no Kanojo 

XAA-XAA - Yomei (CD only ver)
XAA-XAA - Love Letter (unopened, CD only ver. and CD + DVD ver.)
XAA-XAA - Mazarenai
XAA-XAA - Dosuguroi (Unopened) 
XAA-XAA - Shitaidake Desho? (Unopened)

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