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An interview with THE VACK'S

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I already have interviewed them in 2016, however in the meanwhile they released a brand new album and gained a new guitarist (still support).


Big thanks to vocalist Ryo-suke who is always kind towards me! last year he and shinichi (MMS, THE MINKS) organized a special solo live for me at LINDA GARAGE bar, which was visited well by their fans and bar supporters~ was very fun! 


If you have a change to see them, 100% check them out, also no worries about "language barrier" as long Rosy is around he will help talking with everybody. 

Oh and if you want to buy their CD's, it's possible! contact them via facebook and you get in though with Rosy!


THE VACK’S has been active for 10 years. They have released 3 CDs and performed a lot of lives. Slowly they are getting more and more popular, and stand aside of a few famous “rockers.” If you think of recent ojisan Japanese rock music, you can’t miss THE VACK’S! 

“Never give up! You still can do it!”




The interview was answered by Ryo-suke and Kudo. Danna and Rosy didn't take part of it, however their "all" answers are how they think together about things.




Thanks to @inartistic for helping thinking of a few questions and also of course some of the questions are re-used out of our visual kei interview series and another bunch are translated by my Japanese friend Yasu and translation check was also done by Yasu. 

Also a big thanks to my friend RIORIO who helped me to translate a few of the questions.




ps. I deliver interviews on a FRIDAY 22PM(JST). can be weekly, 2 weekly etc. depends on the respond times of the bands (^_^)v

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