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I've known about this site since I became a fan a few years back but I never actually registered... Anyway, I'm finally joining! 


My name is Dasha, and I've been a VK fan for three years now. I prefer old school kei to new school kei but I try to keep up with my newest favorites. My favorite band is Malice Mizer! They're a huge part of my life, and have helped shape who I am as a person. I've almost collected all the main albums, and have begun getting my hands on some singles. I also run the malice_mizer_ultimate fanpage, if anyone knows me from there. My other favorite bands are LAREINE, Versailles, Buck-Tick, BAISER, and SHAZNA. I have a lot more but listing them is a chore, and there are more that I casually listen to than religiously. 


Apparently I am Last.fm famous so if the username MetaKnight999 rings a bell, then that is me! You can get a comprehensive look at all the VK bands I listen to in my library 

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