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An exclusive interview with NETH PRIERE CAIN

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Another interview in collaboration with vk.gy


Hopefully you enjoy reading this interview too.

Hopefully i.D.A will follow someday too...



Why this band?

First of all, good NAGOYA bands? where are they? Many are disbanded.... 

So to support Nagoya Kei a bit, we decided to interview NPC, we also requested iDA, but iDA takes longer to answer the questions....

NPC is really not a bad band their music really sounds decent and good, also on twitter they have more followers than the ida dudes. Their new look is really with and Gott~ 

I think this band is a nice growing band which is sadly underrated by us. it's a talented band, maybe with members who don't really have a known band history or a band history at all. But surely those guys know how to deliver good music.



Their first single really hit greatly. it's a really amazing song. yet... (I prefer iDA 😛 )





I personally don't like this song at all, but I think it's a typical VKEI song which can easy liked by those who totally loves that type of style. 




After all, if you are a visual kei fan, you won't regret to check this band out. NPC has more typical VKEI parts inside their music than iDA has. I'm sure that's the reason why they got a bit more followers than IDA.

Also the guys are fun to follow on twitter!


Maybe their interview is a bit "off", still I hope it's interesting enough to really check them out and to share them a little bit extra love.  

I wouldn't like to see them also disbanding after 2 years (T_T)~~ They are too good for that!




And a big thanks to Asakawa Ryu the boss of double river record and owner of Nagoya holiday next. 


and this is too funny lol


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It's just soooo bad, I just can't. All this pompousness that they project, oh my god. I get it that they stay true to the concept, but I can't just imagine their average 14 old fan who would buy into this.

Thanks for the effort :)

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Well each member has around 1000 twitter followers... So they do something good and getting somehow more popular.  (i.D.A has way lesser followers)


Also GOD themes always works good. 

Japanese people love to hear lyrics with stuff about Bible and God stuff. 

I'm curious about the lyrics now,, is GOD/BIBLE stuff really included to their lyrics?





Janna Da Arc and Acid Black Cherry were very popular and lot's of the lyrics contains bible and prayer stuff. 

Also ANGELO had a bunch...(maybe still?)

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