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sleepy coffee

New 仮病 (KEBYO) Look, Bassist, and Mini Album

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or he could be a half! but yassss, this looks HOT


10 hours ago, sleepy coffee said:

https://amp.amebaownd.com/posts/7708324?categoryIds=1654286&__twitter_impression=true can someone translate this part for us? It seems like theyll be coming out with a mini album but I just want to make sure 

from what i can understand, yes, and there will be new songs. the drummer personally wishes to write songs that are slower, grotesque, and vomit-inducing but i'm guessing he's not one of the main writers. their final tour will be at shinjuku blaze on 11/22 and there might be some more announcements later. he also mentions that the new bassist has some nice guns.

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Mini Album 実験くん2 (Jikken-kun2) 2020.04.15



01.テキ (Teki)

02.ぐるぐる (Guruguru)

03.べろべろばー (Beroberobaa)

04.かわいいキミの言いなりです (Kawai kimi no iinari desu)

05.地獄に落ちちゃえば (Jigoku ni ochi chaeba)

06.春光 (Shunkou)


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I love Kebyo's creation !! 

I am missing out their 1st EP 実験くん !! (Wondering if anyone has it !?)

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