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Buck-Tick new album release

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Buck-Tick new album will be released at 2020 summer, details TBA.

Imai described it as "a clean break with the image and sound that the band has accustomed fans to until now",  the keywords of this new style of music will be "minimalism and electronic"

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Hope hope hope they do something in the style of “Rondo” sooner or later. That might just be my adoration for anything that brings to mind 1700 France, but I thought they did that style incredibly well on that song and that there should be more like it.


That being said, the description of the album’s sound doesn’t sound like it... oh well.

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Looking forward to it! 'Minimal' and 'electronic' reminds me of SEXY STREAM LINER which is a good sign, but I vaguely remember being reminded of that album once or twice before when they made new album announcements, so I'm just going in with no expectations instead, haha.

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BUCK-TICK will stream tons of of previously released live videos on their Youtube channel each Saturday beginning from May 2nd.


Here are the titles with YT links from the official website:





▼5月9日(土)21:00〜『Climax Together』


▼5月16日(土)21:00〜『TOUR アトム 未来派 No.9 -FINAL-』


▼5月23日(土)21:00〜『THE PARADE 〜30th anniversary〜 HIGH SIDE』


▼5月30日(土)21:00〜『THE DAY IN QUESTION 2017』Day2



▼6月6日(土)21:00〜『TOUR No.0』 







Also, from May 3rd to May 6th, they will broadcast music videos and special live footage on NicoNico:



ミュージックビデオ特集+2013年『THE DAY IN QUESTION』@郡山市民文化センター


ミュージックビデオ特集+『TOUR 2014 metaform nights ~或いはアナーキー~』@Zepp Tokyo


ミュージックビデオ特集+『TOUR アトム 未来派 No.9』@中野サンプラザホール


ミュージックビデオ特集+『TOUR No.0 - Guernican Moon -』@豊洲PIT


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