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Guitarist Kenichi leaving MERRY in May 2020

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ken's been the quieter type since the beginning iirc. I used to always forget he was there in their early years lmao. it makes sense he wants out to pursue other things, I don't blame him. 19 years is a helluva long time and some things just run their course. still wish him all the best going forward!

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"5 Sheep Last Tour", the last tour of Merry as a fiveman band, will commence in late March. Ticket sales start on 3/15.



3/21(土)赤羽ReNY alpha

3/22(日)仙台CLUB JUNK BOX




4/10(金)大阪 味園ユニバース

4/11(土)京都 磔磔

4/17(金)札幌 cube garden

4/18(土)旭川 CASINO DRIVE

4/24(金)名古屋BOTTOM LINE



5/4(月祝)vanvan V4 @ 200


5/10(日)新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!! (CORE limited)




^ Guess this is the finalized date of Kenichi's last performance.




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Great, I already bought tickets to another gig in Osaka on 21st Mar and the bus to get there from Tokyo and the plane ticket from Osaka back to my country on 22nd Mar zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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