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ex-DAMY Vo.椋 (Ryo) new band "鴉-カラス- (Karasu)" has formed

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2 hours ago, Kiryu999 said:

Sounds like he had some early DAMY material left to use, the song is pretty good ! I will keep an eye on his project

Definitely with you in that its probably a leftover DAMY track, but its definitely been reworked to be more melodic and dynamic. Fantastic track.

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Their 1st minialbum スケアクロウ-1 (SCARECROW-1) will be released at their live on 20.03.2020 for a price of 2500yen.




1.蜘蛛の糸 (kumo no ito)

2.感傷教育 (kanshou kyouiku)

3.「ぬけがら」 (nukegara)

4.トラウマ (trauma)

5.-存在証明- (-sonzai shoumei-)

6.君の桜が咲く頃に。(kimi no sakuragasaku goroni.)



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