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怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (Kaitou Sentai Nusumunja) new maxi-single "クロアゲマン" (Kuroageman) release

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怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (Kaitou Sentai Nusumunja) new maxi-single "クロアゲマン" (Kuroageman) will be released at 2020/02/19 (1200yen)

It's Royz "クロアゲハ" (Kuroageha) parody




01.クロアゲマン (Kuroageman)

02.逆ギレサイコパス (Gyakugire Psycopath)





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it's a play on Royz' "Kuroageha" in the form of "Kuroageman". Kuro (Black) + Ageman which is a woman who brings good luck to men (?) As for the blackface, it's likely just the 黒ギャル (Kurogyaru) style (I could be stretching and it's probably just for color-sake, like literally the color black), which can be a bit off-putting. It's entirely based on a literal name-pun, and they somehow came up with enough content to make song, lmao.* 


Honestly, this is more entertaining than Royz' recent offerings o3o .


*I feel like they focus entirely on the nameplay/"luck" aspect here, but I'm not recognizing/understanding any actual Royz references (outside the visuals and music), if any exist.

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