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various Soleil bands to perform (MIRAGE, NéiL, Vasalla, etc.) in 2021

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5 minutes ago, Peace Heavy mk II said:

Isn't Takayuki close to 50 now? How much foundation does he use to still look like a youthful scene raccoon? 

it's also an old photo, probably uses a fuckton of filters and shit

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On 2/27/2020 at 2:22 PM, suji said:



((members will be revealed later))



I wish all the best for this woman because she managed to get Takayuki out of the cave when I no longer had any hope of seeing Piass active again. God bless.

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On 1/17/2020 at 2:57 AM, suji said:

The full list of bands appearing throughout the 4-day event has been posted on the event's new Twitter account! A website is also said to be under development.


(I'll post the latest additions in text form later...)












And of course I'm going to be in my country that day without going to this legendary gig in Japan, just living to tell this sad story every single day, for the rest of my entire existence, unable to live it down and blaming everything and everybody on for this shame of mine. Thank you guys.  

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覇叉羅(Vasalla) members session band "OHR MEGA MAX" will perfom at Takasaki club FLEEZ at 2020/06/25.




"OHR MEGA MAX" members:

vo. TATSUYA (CROW MUSIC representative)

gt. カイエ(Kaie) (ex.WITH SEXY, now in 覇叉羅(Vasalla))


ba. leaya (覇叉羅(Vasalla))

dr. K助(Keisuke) (覇叉羅(Vasalla))

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well, it's official, the event has been postponed to January 4-8, 2021.


At least they're smart and moved it a year ahead, instead of just a couple of months when this bullshit is still most likely going on. This still fucking sucks.



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