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Hello!! Visual Kei means so much to me

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Hey everyone my name's Kat :3 

 living a kind of rough life and visual kei makes me feel so much better.

I feel really hopeless often. The only things that make me happy are visual kei music! I love playing guitar and music theory and Japanese rock's general musical structure. It makes me so happy and I love imagining myself on stage like my favorite guitarists one day, even if it's just at a local bar where everyone's drunk and i'm playing horribly xD

Music makes me so happy and visual kei is my favorite type of music. 

My favorite bands are the GazettE, MEJIBRAY (rip), DIAURA, royz, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, deadman,  and Madmans Esprit.  Aside from jrock, Weezer and the Offspring 

I'm trying to get into 8P-SB, but it's really hard lmao XD i'm still mourning over MEJIBRAY's disbandment 

I've been a lurker of monochrome heaven for a while, and finally decided to join and expand my horizons as far as music goes! : D

thanks for having me guys!!! :3

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Hello and welcome.

Totally am with you on the Gazette. Have been into the early Mejibray stuff but somehow lost it a bit to the end. Didn't even try 8P-SB. From the looks and from what I read it sounds like I just didn't even wanna try. Sad but true.


Hope you have a good time over here. ^^

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oh hey vk used to get me thru my tough living situation too (and it still helps immensely with my mental condition) so we have that in common. although i don't play any instrument, but i want to learn piano soon. maybe some day i'll come out with some killer X JAPAN piano covers, who knows

On 12/8/2019 at 7:44 PM, coffeencoke said:

i'm still mourning over MEJIBRAY's disbandment

saaaaaaame. i also can't get into 8P-SB though... just makes me want mejibray back

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