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Help Me I'm Poor ~a thread~

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Your girl was laid off this week so time to get rid of some stuff.

Schwarz Stein - Perfect Garden $15 usd
Hora - domiNATE $30 usd
Hora - ICEBOUND $30 usd
Hora - Prominence $30 usd
Hora - RESONANT - SEALED $30 usd
(might fuck around and not sell these unless someone buys all, in which case it will be $100 usd for all)

ASAGI - Corvinus - $15 usd
Phantasmagoria - Wailing Wall - 10000 yen (includes shipping) plus old flyer
Phantasmagoria - Splendor of Sanctuary - $20 usd
RAZOR - Sennen no Shirabe [CD+DVD] SEALED - $20 usd  (3 available)
RAZOR CIVARIZE T-shirt plus catalogue booklet - $40 usd
Vidoll - Occult Proposal (no obi) $15 usd
Vidoll - Like an Edison comment VHS $15 usd
Vidoll - Yes, I'm a bastard tour T-shirt glitter pink ver. size S $20 usd
D - yami yori blah blah CD+DVD $15 usd (plus i'll throw in a couple old D flyers)
UNDER CODE High Style Paradox 2 DVD plus Third Stage sign board privilege $40 usd
UNDER CODE High Style Paradox 1 $20 usd
Rentrer en Soi - Third Stage sign board - $30 usd plus old flyer
LAREINE - Third Stage sign board - $50 usd (includes shipping) Kamijo/Mayu/Emiru/Kazuki era, privilege for Scarlet Majesty live DVD
LAREINE - Chantons L'amour Live DVD 15000 yen (includes shipping)
LAREINE - Trailer $40 usd
LAREINE - Princess $20 usd
LAREINE - Knight $20 usd
LAREINE - Majesty $20 usd
(all three story series CDs $50 usd altogether including shipping)

LAREINE - Drama $30 usd
MALICE MIZER - Voyage ~sans retour~ first press 7000 yen (includes shipping)
Dir en grey - Blitz 5 Days box $70 usd
the GazettE - Repeated Countless Error box $20 usd
Lin - Independant Maze Type B - $15 usd
Versailles - signed board Jishuban Club NOBLE privilege with Jasmine You 7000 yen (includes shipping)
Versailles - Revenant Choir PV DVD (cracked case) $30 usd
Moi dix Mois photosets (x2) $20 usd
12012 - Knight mare (digipak) $20 usd
SpookJack - snow the dark $15 usd SEALED
SpookJack - Personified Pain CD+DVD $30 usd (signed) - SOLD

alice auaa
box bag with strap 15000 yen
large leather flap shoulder bag 25000 yen
silver ring 7000 yen

bracelet - $15 usd
choker - $15 usd

DM if interested~ pics available upon request via DM

-will add more later-

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