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どく(Doku) 12 consecutive singles release

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doku sounds really strong in the singles !!!! Can't wait to listen to all of their singles !!!!!

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2 hours ago, IGM_Oficial said:

April 7th... they skipped two months and the 12-single project has been damned

This will be their 2nd single released on April 7th and is not related to their 12 month consecutive single release campaign from what it seems.

Their 1st single was くい (kui) and now that's going to be their 2nd single...


Their 2nd single from their 12 month release campaign was released on 25.01.2020 so that was perfectly fine.

Only strange thing is that their 3rd single isn't up on their webshop yet but maybe this time they just need a little longer to update it... i hope so at least...


But also very strange why they would release a complete "stand-alone" 2nd single when they are in the midst of a 12 month consecutive single release campaign...

As if writing 24 totally new songs wouldn't be challenging enough already!?

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