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$"Casper. Gu.u has been fired

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$"Casper. Gu.u has been fired at 2019/11/6 due to inappropriate relationships with fans, despite being married.


平素より$”Casper. を応援して頂きまして誠にありがとうございます。

上記行動に関しまして社会的な倫理に反しており$”Casper. の今後の活動のうえで決して容認できない行為だとみなし即日解雇という経緯となりました。


$”Casper. は活動を止めず皆様に音楽を届けて参りますので、今後とも応援の程何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。

$”Casper. 一同


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It is a shame, I like this band, I hope they do not dissolve and find a new guitarist, although I am glad that the next concerts have a support.

It seems that they have already erased the guitarist's data and modified the website.

In case anyone is curious, this is the man...




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2 hours ago, Peace Heavy mk II said:

how is it any of their business tho

I don't think many people would want to be in a band with a guy like that. It brings bad publicity and it's generally just shitty behaviour that'd be enough to cause a falling-out between friends/band members.

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