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[Selling] Trying to get rid of some Raphael merch/VHS

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Heya guys, a while ago I acquired a bunch of Raphael merch. I was mostly interested in the CDs and a magazine but got other stuff that I'm afraid I can't keep due to a lack of space (and IRL judging). Hoped I could find someone interested in my merch! If you have any questions or want more pictures of items you're interested in, don't hesitate to ask. VHS tapes are still wrapped and photobooks & magazines are in great condition!


Items for Sale




Kizaki Photobook - Evergreen / $30

Kizaki Photobook - Teen Age / $33 




Lilac / $13 

Pictorial Poem / $13 

Pictorial Poem II / $13 ($24 if buying both Pictorial Poem I and II VHS)


Raphael Special LIVE.「graduation」/ $12

First / $15

Last / $15 ($28 if buying both First and Last VHS)]




SHOXX Vol. 82 / $7

SHOXX Vol. 73 / $7

Vicious 1999.9 / $10


Payment & Information


I'll take payment via PayPal only. More cases than not, I'll also want you to pay shipping. I'm open to negotiations though! Also something to note is that I live in Indiana (midwest USA). Keep this in mind seeing as this will affect how much shipping will cost. Comment below or message me if you're interested in purchasing anything!








A2C3m4c.jpg XpMmH2R.jpg



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