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Worst To First: Dir en grey

WORST TO FIRST ~ Dir en grey ~  

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  1. 1. What do you think is their worst album to date?

  2. 2. What do you think is their best album to date? (does not have to be your favorite!)

  3. 3. Which is your favorite album? (favorite album does not have to be the best!)

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I love The Insulated World with all my heart

The production is weird yeah BUT I DON'T CARE

It's kind of personal to me, I've been through stuff lately so this album came and reconforts me, the lyrics are direct and they lack weird metaphors, but that the point it's a "I hate the world, you too? Sing with me then" 

The first half pumps me up, and makes me take all that angst, anger and hate towards the world

Then Aka makes me melancholic

Values of madness IT'S AMAZING, simple but that the point, it makes me feel good and it's simply pure fun, I can't wait to hear it live

The rest of the album it's also special to me, sometimes Ranunculus makes me emotional and I think about the way I'm living my life

My only real complain would be Zetsuentai, too long just too long

Quick about the others

Gauze- Catchy and easy to listen . Favorite: Cage; Less Favorite:  Mask

Macabre- I have an original physical copy, so I say no more. Favorite: Macabre of course and Zakuro, man that song has made me cry, plus the Blitz live it's what made me love DIru; Less Favorite: Hydra, too long

Kisou: Like it, yeah the shin-song are fillers but they're not that long. Favorite: Mushi, another crying one; Less: Pink killer

Vulgar: Really like it too, it works for me. Favorite: audience killer loop; less: Increase blue or new age culture

WTD: Another personal to me, it takes me to places of my mind and memories, really really love it. Favorite: Kodou; Less: Jesus rnr

MOB:  I like this album, especially when I'm angry. Favorite: Namamekashiki and Disabled Complexes :P; less: Repetition of hatred

Uroboros: It's great. Do I need to say more?. Favorite: Ware, yami tote OMG THAT SONG HAS MADE ME CRYING LIKE A BABY, also Gaika; Less: I don't have one

DSS: It's very a very consistent album  and don't like that, I prefer the albums being a weird mix of whatever the artist wants to make, If he wants to put a EDM song next to an Industrial song and the a Metalcore band I will prefer that over the album sounding similar. That's my problem with DSS, many song are great, mental, the blossoming beelzebub is fucking mental. Favorite: The Blossoming Beelzebub duh?, Yokusou and Shitataru. Less: Akatsuki

Arche: It's too long. Great songs, but others are just making the album too long, another reason why I prefer TIW, short and to the point. Favorite: Behind a vacant image and Phenomenon; Less: Some songs are just too meh to dislike them 

And that's it. Yeah, Dir en grey is my favorite band

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