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Visual Kei Survey

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Hey Monochromians!


So I'm doing a Visual Kei Survey for school and I was wondering if any of you could fill it out!


Survey ends in 48 Hours


Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SANw2FoCEZ_-KQ4RvqQxEZh6zDKny3qoh4skvR8pJBE/edit


UPDATE: Survey is closed! Thanks for your responses

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did the survey, although i wasn't honest with some of my answers because of multiple choice. having the option to write in answers could give you more accurate results but i guess you're a bit short on time and needed instant answers. curious to see the results though.

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I'm really sad I couldn't choose oyaji kei for my favorite type of visual kei. 


I'm also with everyone else with the last question.  Maybe you could have mixed some more mainstream or other types of vk acts from that period into the selection pool or include a wider generation range of artists by including some earlier era vk acts and/or some recent vk acts.

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