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SHOXX vol. 15 scans

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this is my first post, but i'll spare intros haha! anyways - i have some magazines i scan, so i thought it would be nice to share, for all of the oldschool fans. this volume is from march '93; main event is the long seth et holth tusk + hide feature, but as with any shoxx, the whole volume is full of content -- i love those shots of Gargoyle especially. here's a mega link to the numbered raw HQ scans right here : ) these are a little colour corrected.


i'll scan the rest of this, then vol. 29, 5 and 7 at some point. and yes! some of the scans are a bit messed up, that will be fixed at some point lmao.


here's some highlights that aren't the seth et holth shoot lol, loved the shock age + yankees features :


sa4.png                        ty3.png


sr100.png                        ggl138.png


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31 minutes ago, Jigsaw9 said:

Awesome, thanks a bunch! That pic of Gargoyle's Kiba is especially beautiful.

No problem -- i was really pleasantly surprised to find that they had a spread in this volume, always loved their more fantastical approach to visuals, especially in the context of their music 

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