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Aries here

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Hi. I already made a few posts so I think it's required to say a few things about me.

Aries is my zodiacal sign and easy to pronunciate and remember, I think it fits in forums and such places, that's why I choose it.


I am a girl, painter, photographer and interior designer by education. Outside of this I am animal rights defender, activist, vegan, dog mom and some other beasts adopter.

I like classic vehicles, Dodge Challenger '69, Chevy Camaro, Delorean and such old beauties.

Love gardening, plants at all. Love sea and forest, private quiet evenings, loud music fests, scandinavian culture, asian culture, balcan culture, I like finding out more facts about more things, it's good to take good parts of different cultures to improve ourselves.

I love wolves, owls, ravens. My favourite movie is The Crow. Love gothic culture and music.

And chocolate!




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22 minutes ago, anadentone said:

welcome to MH :D

I see you're a Morrigan fan....I miss them soo much 😢 and YOU LIKE DOGGIES?!?!? OMG TWINNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P 

I like everything with less than 8 legs. And more than 8 actually :D

Morrigan are very sore topic for me, I had no opportunity to visit their european tour and since they said "We will come back" I started making plans for next year. Then suddenly they announced their departure and I am still waiting someone to say "joke!" 🙁

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