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DEZERT new album "black hole" release

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*First and foremost I would like to apologize for the length, but there is a lot to unpack here.*
-And I know that some of my opinion's will likely not be very popular (but I'm more than welcome for anyone to disagree)


After listening to the full album, I definitely think that this isn't nearly as bad as some people are making it out to be. I was a huge fan of DEZERT's earlier material, but I think a good few of the songs in here are excellent even though they aren't necessarily the same genre I usually prefer. I've got to say that I was not expecting to like this album as much as I did (even maybe not at all) considering the more than overwhelming negative reception it's seemed to have gotten, especially on this thread. But I am more than pleasantly surprised! Compared to most releases I've heard recently, this is actually a really solid album. I feel like a lot of the newer VK bands have some real potential, but I feel like fewer and fewer bands are catching my interest these days. I find a lot of times that I really like a band's sound/instruments, however the lead vocalist's voice tends to ruin that for me. But I've always liked Chiaki's voice, which is the main reason why I stick with following the band. I've definitely noticed that if I don't like/absolutely can't stand the vocalist's voice, I just can't get into a band. I think if the vocalist's voice is bad, it's just too much of an issue for me to overlook.


Now onto My album review + ranking!   --->


I usually prefer songs with a "harder" sound much over ballads, but I thought the production quality was really good for some of the slower songs in this track-list especially.


1. 感染少女
  *I really liked the sound of 「感染少女」 and would definitely say it was my favorite song on the album!

2. 半透明を食べる。
  *video was interesting and the song is really catchy
3. Dark In Black Hole

   *really liked this one, but was expecting a little more
4. 神経と重力
   *love the instrumental parts in this!
5. 御法度
   *instrumentals were really good here, but the chorus ruined it for me. (The rest of the song is great though.)
6. Call of Rescue
   *this is an example of one of the great slower songs on the album. (I constantly have it on repeat)
7. Thirsty?
   *started off a bit "meh" but the chorus made me change my mind and I liked it after giving the rest of the song a try
8. 白痴
   *another example of a good slow song on the album, really good quality production (though I wouldn't listen to it as much as some of the other songs)
9. バケモノ
   *liked this song a lot in the beginning, but it quickly got overshadowed by many other great tracks on the album
10. ラプソディ・イン・マイ・ヘッド
    *this song sounded unique and strange to me, but was kinda catchy, and I prefer it over the latter two
11. みぎて
    *really liked the intro and some parts mixed in with the chorus, but everything else was pretty "meh" about this song
12. I'm sorry
    *quality was really good with this one and I liked the sound a bit, but it's definitely not the style I'm looking for (and was a bit repetitive)


***Songs I absolutely would not listen to again (sadly):***


1. 天使の前頭葉
2. True Man


These were awful...

I could not get through either of these songs. I'm sad to say I had to switch them off immediately after I couldn't stand them anymore.

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11 hours ago, Yukami said:


Wow, definitely one of the songs of the year. Catchy, psycho and overall dramatic. I hope someone here translates the lyrics. Video is great as well.


Btw, the PV could make an awesome backing track for a Pump it Up song.

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after listening to this album bunch times here's my best to worst:

1. Dark in Black Hole

2. Thirsty?

3. Kansenshojo

4. Hantomei wo taberu.

5. I'm sorry

6. Rhapsody in my head

7. Gohatto

8. Bakemono

9. True Man

10. Call of Rescue

11. Shinkei to juryoku

12. Migite

13. Tenshi no zentoyo

14. Hakuchi


I also learned to stop judging them as if they were the OG Dezert. If I was doing it that way, all of the above would go straight to trash, so I treat it as completely unrelated, separate release of a band Dezert2.

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7 hours ago, pawzord said:

I also learned to stop judging them as if they were the OG Dezert. If I was doing it that way, all of the above would go straight to trash, so I treat it as completely unrelated, separate release of a band DEZERT2.

This is essential to enjoying anything they’ve released after 2016!

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Video it was cute but slightly terrifying. I'm stuck on his voice like the other girl though so I'll listen to all of it. Although the heavy/melodic metal phase of Dezert is still unmatched...it's tough not to keep watching. I mean he went through a guitarist change. So there is a pretty distinct transition and I don't think people are taking account of that.


Even though he's the main writer it I think Miyako is a still a huge influence. I really don't mind him. It just goes to show that Chiaki's effected by who he writes around, rather than simply being a dictator. Either way I see it as progress. I think these kitties still got a lotta tricks left...

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On 11/27/2019 at 1:03 PM, Yukami said:


If you actually like early DEZERT and other kind of more macabre visual kei from about 10 to 15 years ago and don't like this song and a couple of others from the album, then you're basically just fucking stupid. One of the riffs on this song could pass for something from Aicle or something, and I understand that the tone is very different starting from voice first of all  but I don't know what you want every song to be brooding in the same carbon copied way or what. 


TODAY stinks and then that Knife Koufuku no melody they released suck too. This album does too but only occasionally when it's droning away something blase and TODAY-esque, but at other times it's just about the best thing going right now. I don't know how they managed to shit out two terrible albums before the Moran guy actually started playing guitar like he was from Moran. There's some really cool and crazy stuff in here that's pretty much what I had hoped he'd do when he initially joined the band, only to cash in on this promise literally just once with the riff from Kimi no shikyuu wo sawaru. By the time he started doing something more reminiscent of him, they were doing that indie sound to Call of Rescue and stuff but fuck now in the context of this album it's ok. Since I didn't get the DEZERT I hoped for with Moran-esque guitar playing with the imagery of title nashi and vocals of OG-Chiaki, this is the second best and I'm settling for it. 


This is better than their second album by the way. I get it that the mood is dark and occasionally things get brutal; what I don't get is how two three songs being sort of vaguely hardcore ( not even close to anything from title nashi ) everyone ignores the dog shit middle part with its terrible ballad and the rest of that nothing of an album. It has to be said also tho that DEZERT was even up to title nashi quite diverse, and even that album has songs that could fit in this new one. It's just that you do a Korn or a Suicide Silence riff once and then the gaijin expectation are set forever ( case and point: dadaroma ) 


So in short, art kei DEZERT is my friend and now if on the next one they cut out the slacking and get even weirder, then I'm back on board full time. Decent album.

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