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DEZERT new album "black hole" release

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DEZERT will release a new album titled "black hole" on 2019.11.27.

バケモノ (bakemono) has been released digitally as of 2019.10.02.



1 Dark In Black Hole
2 バケモノ
3 Thirsty?
4 みぎて
5 白痴
6 Call of Rescue
7 半透明を食べる。
8 御法度
9 神経と重力
10 天使の前頭葉
11 ラプソディ・イン・マイ・ヘッド
12 感染少女
13 True Man
14 I'm sorry



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that thing so actively cosplaying Kiyoharu with her moves, hair flips, and angles for this video is so hilarious coupled with the track that sounds like someone musically shitting themselves over and over again with the only intention of publicly rolling in their shit in a cyclic horse laxative downpour episode

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On 10/2/2019 at 8:50 AM, Peace Heavy mk II said:

Further deets:


The album comes in 2 types; the limited edition comes with a live DVD, live recording CD, and a 92 page photo booklet for 9,000 yen, and the regular edition is just the CD for 3,000 yen.

I must have all 92 pages. :D

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