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Dungeon Keeper (game)

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1 hour ago, xriko said:

I've never played to the original Dungeon Keeper. But i do like a lot Dungeons 2 and Dungeons 3.




So, that are the next up games!!!!

gotta tell my parents.

maybe they will buy ot for the ps4 and play it (btw both ate 70+😂).

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Dungeon Keeper 1 is easily one, if not my favorite game ever and pretty much finished it more then 20 times throughout childhood till now.

I've also finished Dungeon Keeper 2 roughly 1 or 2 times, and it was fine but it has never been as memorable and great as DK1 to me.


If you liked DK1, i would urge you to try the game War for the Overworld, its seen as a spiritual successor to Dungeon keeper made by indie developers and also has the same overworld voice guy hired for it :), it manages the same feeling of DK1 unlike other games that has spawned over the years by bigger companys but do not capture the idea/feeling of dungeon keeper (dungeons 1,2,3 etc)


You should also check out TCRF, i've added a page for this game which contains a lot of interesting bugs/glitches and information about this game:




Had to buy the big box as well and strategy guide 😆

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Childhood memories! I don't play it nowadays, but I remember that a new one was released for smarphones, I didn't like it tho.

Also there is an spiritual sequel named War for the Overworld for PC

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