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モノクローム ヘアヴェンに, ようこそ!

(Welcome to Monochrome Heaven!)


Not sure if you are Japanese or really like the Japanese language (I've seen your posts) lol but either way its nice to have you join the site :) . My Japanese is not great at all but we do have plenty of users on MH that can write and understand Japanese, so I'm sure you'll meet them soon.


Tell us a little about yourself, and what kinds of artists/bands you listen to.


If you have any questions, you may message any one of the staff (myself included).



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My favorite band is...

LEZARD, BULL ZEICHEN88, the Raid, An Cafe, ARCHEMI., breakin holiday, DaizyStripper, JILUKA, CODOMO DRAGON, ROYZ, DARRELL, dexcore, DIMLIM, DOG InThe PWO

I like many other bands! :)

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