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The Piass

New band メギド(Megido) have formed

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Their first live will be on 2019.10.23 at the event 「Devil's Garden」. Their first single will be released at that date. (1000 yen)














Members :


Guitarist : MIYA

Guitarist : 玲央那(Reona) (ex-Roub)

Bassist : 冥(May)

Manipulator : ャギ(Jagi)


Website https://megido.jp/

Twitter https://twitter.com/megido_666

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1st Single - CD TrackList:

01. 鬨の声 (Limited ver.)

02. 紅蓮 (Limited ver.)


vo.CHISEI is vo.致成(Chisei) (ex.侍待(samurai machi), distress blood,  DAZZLE)

I think ba.冥(May) is ba.紫乃(Shino) (ex.F'eria, Verfe~gorl, dear rain)


I thought that ba冥(May) was ba.May (ex.Durandal), but both have different date of birth. :|



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Oh! I'm surprised to see MIYA in a VK band.

He was mutual friend with my bandman friends so we used to go to see their concerts and dinnering together. He was very nice and funny but played in an weird not vk underground band.

Hope he gets some popularity, he's a nice guy 

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I very like the sound! this is absolutely my genre ❤️ (Versailles, Megaromania, Misaruka, Elysion, KAMIJO, Juka [in Saint Croix] etc.) I hope to hear more from them.


PS: Chisei in some periods was KAMIJO'S guitarist!  



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