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Choose one band to listen to for the rest of your life

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Chosing only one band in Vkei is pretty simple for me, since I listen to like less of 10 and half of them are Kamijo's... 😆


Band: Lareine
Album: "Reine de fleur II" (yes it's a collection) from Lareine

Song: I refuse to listen to only one song for the rest of my life, shoot me now and spare me the suffering.


In general:

Band: Rammstein (but was a REALLY close call with Muse)

Album: "Electra Heart" from Marina and the Diamonds

Song: Same as before, but if I REALLY was forced to it would be a really though choice between REM's "Losing my Religion" and the Cranberries' "Zombie". Honor mention to Queen's "Bicycle Race".

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Japanese —

Band: X Japan

Album: Versailles - Jubilee

Song: Gackt - Fragrance


Universal —

Band: KISS

Album: Guns N’ Roses - Use Your Illusion II

Song: Alice Cooper - Halo Of Flies


No real choice on songs, there’s just too many good ones. These were simply the ones that popped up first. 

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3 hours ago, heresytrash said:

I guess for me it'd be the GazettE obviously, but I'd be really sad not being able to listen to GOTCHAROCKA or coldrain even. I'd be slightly bitter at myself. 

Haha, it was supposed to be a fun, hypothetical, never-going-to-happen challenge. Please dont' be sad T-T  

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