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New project "Monopoly" have formed

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Their first digital release 「翳」 (Kagero) has been available since 2019.07.17. (500 yen) They will have their first live at HOLIDAY SHIJUKU on 2019.09.18.



1.「死人ニ口無シ」(Shibito ni kuchinashi)






Members :

Singer : 雫(Shizuku)

Guitarist : 二葉(Futaba) (ex-コントラリエ(Contrarie) ?


Support : 

Guitarist : 慧太朗 (Keitaro) (ex.乙女国家(Otomekokka),  ヱレキテル式 (Elektel-shiki), ネイムレス(NAMELESS)) @otome_keitaro

Bassist 純 (Toga) (ex.MEABEL, Lieselotte) @dictator0727

Drummer : チャーリー(Charlie) @taiko_charlie


Twitter : https://twitter.com/mnply_official



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23 minutes ago, spockitty said:

kinda interesting~

but is twitter messing with the quality or does the song just sound....like that? 

Twitter always messes with the quality, it's probably that. I hope so, anyways.

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