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Formed as a grungy post-punk band in May of 1996 by Futoshi Takagi and Atsushi Hatta at the end of the grunge rock era at a time when Nirvana was long gone, Pearl Jam had gone in a new direction with their fourth album No Code and Alice in Chains would disappear from music for the next thirteen years. THE HATE HONEY started off slow in 1996, not releasing any music and sparsely touring, just having a one man at the place that they'd be known for performing at, Shinjuku Loft, but things took off in 1997 when they released their debut album Detoroit on Extasy Records, the record label founded by X Japan's Yoshiki under the ug.Garage sub-label which was founded by hide in 1993 for distribution of releases for DEEP which was his favorite band at the time as well as the second band of Atsushi Hatta after he left Velvet Endroit. In February HATE HONEY would return to the Loft for shows with COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS and BLOOD THIRSTY BUTCHERS, before having a show with BALZAC in December. In 1998 THE HATE HONEY released a collaboration single with the aforementioned famous horror punk band BALZAC titled Who Will Survive-Off The Wall, the two bands going on tour to promote the release before ending the year with a show in November featuring the American progressive rock band WRATH. If that weren't enough HATE HONEY also released their second album Hell's Kitchen under UK Project, UK Project being home to acts such as ART SCHOOL, BUMP OF CHICKEN, POLYSICS, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN and more. 


In 1999 HATE HONEY released an 7" LP Murder House before they would suddenly cease activities and go on hiatus the next year, not resuming activities until 2002 when they dropped the The from their name and officially became HATE HONEY as well as a series of shows titled SHINJUKU LOFT 3rd Anniversary HATE HONEY HATE IS BACK tokyo city rockers gig 02 and A CAT HAS NINE LIVES TOUR '02. HATE HONEY then went to end 2002 with a bang by playing shows with FULLTRAP, Bomb Factory, COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS and Tokyo Yankees, respectively. During the hiatus Futoshi formed a new group called BAD SiX BABiES which would release two singles over the next two years before going silent until 2011. HATE HONEY would release their first and only live release in 2002 in the form of a VHS titled 020423 Loft which featured a recording of their performance at Shinjuku Loft where the band frequently played and was limited to just 500 copies. 


HATE HONEY released their third album Blow in 2003 under Red Label and Limited Records and had a show with Drug Store Cowboy, a band that would be later known as the first band of legendary bassist T$UYO$HI who would go on to play in the very popular alternative band Pay Money to My Pain as well as joining RIZE's JESSE in THE BONEZ. HATE HONEY released their first and only mini-album in 2004 with Lost Dye Disperse Beach and did shows with INVISIBLE MAN'S DEATH BED, THE STREET BEATS and the legendary KENICHI FUJISAKI who is best known for the band JUSTY-NASTY. However, the good times wouldn't last as HATE HONEY only played two shows in 2005, SHINJUKU LOFT 6TH ANNIVERSARY LOFT POWER PUSH!DX featuring CROWN (members of Drug Store Cowboy after they disbanded) and KOHL and THE FINAL OF 2005 〜第2部〜 presented by SHINJUKU LOFT on new years eve before announced their official disbanding. In February of 2006 Futoshi and MITSU did an interview with ROOF TOP magazine in which they discussed the band's career as well as the reason for the disbandment, Futoshi saying that it was a graduation in everything but name for the band, everyone believing that they'd done everything they wanted and could with the group and that it was time for everyone to move on to the next stage in their careers.

HATE HONEY ended their ten year long career with their fourth and final album LOVE/HATE, a best-of album nineteen hits,1996-2006 and a final tour of four shows, all at the Loft before calling it a career with their final show on March 25th titled 06 HATE LAST TOUR LOVE / HATE. After HATE HONEY called it quits Futoshi went on to have a successful solo career and a band called fez, MITSU going on to join Futoshi in fez before starting a solo career of his own called JEANNIENITRO. Atsushi has gone on to be in or support for literally 10 bands, from Asylum, Ba-Rra with former EX-ANS drummer HARA, girl no pain, M.ΣM.X.I. alongside Fuchi, the enka pop band tigerlily, TOKYOKULO with Fuchi again as well as Yagami who left to join Közi's band ZIZ, famous Gothic DJ who's known for frequently performing at Dark Labyrinth events Yuko-Kat's project lloy, alongside Yuki Matsubara, best known as the guy who's constantly mistaken for the AC Nagano Parceiro defender of the same name. Besides being a part of many bands as support, Atsushi has found his most recent success through DÄLLE which he founded a cover band that covers the likes of KILLING JOKE, BAUHAUS, JOY DIVISION and more which has released two albums and features Visual Kei legends ryo (ex. 9 goats blackout) and Közi (Malice Mizer) as well his latest project Lüstzöe with SiCX guitarist YU$UKE and Droog vocalist HIROKI KATAYAMA on vocals with Takuya Kanagawa supporting on drums.



Final Lineup

Vo. Futoshi Takagi (BAD SiX BABiES, fez, solo) 


Ba.Atsushi Hatta (lloy, DÄLLE, Lüstzöe, etc.) 

Dr.Fuchi (lloy, M.ΣM.X.I.)



1997.04.01 Detoroit (Album) 

1998.07.25 Hell's Kitchen (Album)

1998.x.x Who Will Survive-Off The Wall (Split w/BALZAC) 

1999.x.x Murder House (7" vinyl EP)

2002.x.x 020423 Loft (Live VHS) 

2003.01.15 Blow (Album) 

2004.08.11 Lost Dye Disperse Beach (EP) 

2006.02.15 LOVE/HATE (Album) 

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Just discovered this, was out of the loop for a bit since DÄLLE have cut back on releases and saw this. Not sure how or why, but they're back. Check out 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔢 𝔥𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔶 (@THEHATEHONEY_jp): https://twitter.com/THEHATEHONEY_jp







drug store cowboy


20th anniversary gig

"The world is not ending"


special guest



supported by 新宿LOFT


OPEN 17:30

START 18:00


ADV ¥4,400

DOOR ¥4,950



2.15(sat) Lawson先行発売開始



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