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I doubt there will be any opposing side for this one, but it could still be a good topic. I personally wish America followed Japan and outlawed all firearms that aren't hunting rifles and to have the same safeguards as they do I.e. having to be registered, locked up, inspected at random on a monthly basis etc. I come from a rural area where hunting and fishing is very popular and people love their guns, but I'm also a bleeding heart when it comes to hunting and I personally don't like guns, even though I've shot plenty in my life. The age old excuse is that you need guns to fight foreign invasions, protect your family etc, and of course the second amendment which gives us the rights to do such things. Obviously, the founding fathers didn't consider that we'd have assault rifles and God knows what else when they drafted the constitution, but yeah..I'm all for extended background checks, thirty day waiting periods and everything to keep guns out of crazy people's hands, but like I said really more for completion abolition of civilian owned firearms not suitable for hunting.

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