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So, you think that DĂLLE is pretty good, but they're very disjointed and all over the place? Well, do I have the perfect band for you. Lüstzöe is like if you took the sounds of post-punk, grunge, nu-goth, emo, EDM and electro-pop and threw them all in a blender and gave it stylings of nu-goth mixed with urban street and punk. Lüstzöe is named after British filmmaker Duncan Jones i.e. the son of David Bowie who was named "Zowie" for a while before they changed his first name to Duncan and left his middle name Zowie. To give you an idea of what they're going for they have a picture of a little girl from the holocaust memorial center from Auschwitz on the cover.



Vo.HIROKI KATAYAMA (also in 地獄ヘルズ, Droog, and Dudes which is named after the David Bowie song All the Young Dudes.)

Guitar.YU-$UKE (also in SiCX

Bass.atsushi (also in DĂLLE and deadlies, formerly in +lloy+, HATE HONEY and DEEP


Drums.Takuya Kanagawa (ex.THE SLUT BANKS


2019.01.01 憎威 (single)

2019.04.05 わかってたまるか (single) 

2019.06.07 欲望?(single)

Official Store








-These guys have moved to releasing videos on Twitter since it's apparently faster than YouTube.


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Updated as I FINALLY found info on HIROKI KATAYAMA and his other bands.

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An update. "Due to shipping facility relocation, it may take several days until the order ships out after it enters in the shipping process." Okay fam, but it's been literally almost a month (4 days it'll be a month) since I placed the order.

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