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Kim Kardashian Trademarks "Kimono"

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Oh, boy. part of Japanese Twitter is going crazy saying that this is cultural appropriation, but she's just putting salt in the wound by trademarking a literal Japanese word as her own intellectual property.

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Making title more to the point and shorter.

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30 minutes ago, LIDL said:

They should countersue this just like Kylie Minogue  back then when Kim's half sister trying to trademark "Kylie" and Minogue ofc won.



honestly never forget what the lawyers from the superior Kylie had to say about the lesser one


also kim can trademark this boucie™ next

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well technically it's a trademark of KIMSAPRINCESS, INC., but go off?


a social media d-lister triggering so much fumes just gives her clicks and google searches, if anything it empowers her social value.

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