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Monochrome Heaven's 3rd Free-for-all Trade-Off!

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Monochrome Heaven's

3rd Free-for-all Trade-Off!!!



It's been a while since our last Free-for-all Trade-Off! So this time, there's no theme. Got some mix ideas you've been sitting on? or just some cool songs you want to share? Whatever the case, you're completely free to put together any kind of mix you want! :D

Basic Rules:

  • Send a list of songs to your partner; minimum is 10 songs, maximum is 70 minutes long.
  • At least half of the mix must consist of Japanese artists but any other language is fine for the rest! A song can only be used once.
  • You must critique each song and give it a rating (?/5, or ?/10, whichever you prefer)
  • Critiques must be longer than one sentence (explain why you liked/disliked/don't care for about the song). Also, in your critique let us know if you feel or see anything in particular from one or more combination of tracks.
  • Participants who fail to submit a review by the deadline will not be allowed to participate in the next trade-off. Users who give notice ahead of time that they will be late may be exempt. Users who did not submit a review for the last trade-off are not allowed to participate in this one.


Any questions? Feel free to ask!


Sign-up will end and partners will be revealed Wednesday, June 26th

Your mix must be sent by Sunday, June 30th

Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, July 14th


(if you need more time, just post here and let me know)



@Ro plz has been banned from participating in this Trade-Off after failing to submit a review for @monkeybanana4's mix in Monochrome Heaven's "Best of 20.." Trade-off




  1.  @CAT5
  2.  @suji
  3.  @doombox
  4.  @yomii
  5.  @monkeybanana4
  6.  @Triangle
  7.  @platy
  8.  @indigo
  9.  @Zeus
  10.  @Seimeisen
  11.  @Original Saku
  12.  @qotka
  13.  @Hohchicano96
  14.  @Komorebi
  15. @ghost
  16. @colorful人生




  1.  @Zeus + @yomii
  2.  @Seimeisen + @monkeybanana4
  3.  @suji + @Komorebi
  4.  @platy + @Hohchicano96
  5. @doombox + @indigo
  6.  @Original Saku + @qotka
  7.  @CAT5 + @Triangle
  8.  @ghost + @colorful人生

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1 hour ago, Original Saku said:

Alright boys and girls, I am here and ready to party!


Fuck yeah! I'm Finally on time for one of these again :lol: It's free-for-all too... holy shit,  my luck something else right now.

Sign me up Neko-san!


It's been ages bro!! Good to see you around and glad you're joining in! :D

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