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Bands that get a lot of undeserving hate?

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Marilyn Manson (The band.) 

Mushroom Head; these guys can't be as big of dicks as they're said to be.

Nickleback although they need to die in a fire.

Phil Collins (on second thought, no fuck Phil Collins for turning on Genesis and I don't even like that band.)

Kid Rock(?) 


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probably the cringe ones like gackt or hyde.  but admittedly i always laugh at gackt.  i mean idk how anyone takes him seriously.  i don’t hate him, tho.  he’s just really lame and seems to be oblivious to it.


oh, and sadie.  or anyone who people say is just ripping off diru.  

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20 hours ago, psychonnect_rozen said:

I can’t think of anything other than X Japan but what are your suggestions?

i am sorry bro

you said X JAPAN

what wrong with you lol !

X JAPAN considered the FATHER of visual kei Yoshiki is the Best.

17 hours ago, yomii said:

can we stop discussing this lmao

you're right so it won't be a problem

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