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new band "どく" (doku) has formed

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new band "どく" (doku) has formed in May 2019 and they will begin activities at their first live on July 24. Details tba...

Their concept seems to revolve around the dark web...










their first single, "クイ" (kui) will be released...



my favorite mysterious band photo:




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There's like an 85% chance this is just gonna end up being more generic chugcore for 12 year olds except this time w/  lyrics about EDGY stuff like trying to buy exactly 1 joint on the deep web and getting set up by the cops & going to jail for 5 years instead of the usual 'tfw no gf/bf' or 'i hate you mom & dad!' stuff, but that brief bit of metallic percussion near the end of the trailer video still gives me a very, very faint glimmer of hope that this might somehow turn out to be leaning more towards the industrial side of things (and god knows there aren't enough VK  bands active in that niche nowadays, there's like The Sound Bee kinda and.. that's all I can think of right now) 

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Doku どく is ex おぎゃー OGYAA


1st Single『クイ』(Kui) 24.07.2019 
M-1 : クイ (Kui) 
M-2 : 少数派迫害帝国日 (Shousuu-ha hakugai teikoku-bi)
M-3 : 餌 (Esa) 
M-4 : 劇 (Geki)




Vo.しん sin 
(ex Nuru ぬる in ゴア Gore, おぎゃー OGYAA)



Gt.いのり inori 
(ex ゴア Gore, おぎゃー OGYAA)



Ba.はくや hakuya 
(ex CLACK Inc., おぎゃー OGYAA)







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Been stanning Ogyaa since the very beginning (cause Hakuya, my queen 💜), so can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this! They seem to have really amped up the production value of this and I'm loving the zombie (?)/dark web theme! Dis gon b good, guaranteed.


Btw: Lyiek from Clack inc. and Monokurokarma is in there too as support drummer^^

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