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I'm pretty bad at introducing myself, so here goes nothing.


I'm 19 years old, live in a tiny, very rural village in the middle-west of Germany, and English is my second language (excuse any mistakes, pls). I've been into VK for like 5 years now, if I remember it correctly. What got me into it was Kiryu's MV for Oirantan and from there I just went down the rabbit hole and have no intentions of leaving.

I've also been a guest on the news board for over a year.


Some of favorite bands are

• the GazettE (all time favorite and I'm gonna see them in Cologne in a few days and I'm already bouncing off the walls with excitement 💜💜)





• Kiryu

• Royz

• Zero[Hz]


99.9% of the music I listen to is VK, the remaining 0.1% are bands/artists like Nightwish, MCR, Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson. I'm always open for suggestions, tho! Both VK and non-VK.

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6 hours ago, saiko said:

Welcome! I'm glad there's still people intereste in vk! How did you find Kiryu?

I just stumbled upon a video about the weirdest japanese alter-ego bands and Kiryu/My Dragon happened to be in it. I really liked Kiryu's style, so I looked them up immediately. Basically love at first sight 😂

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Hey welcome to the forum!


I went to the GazettE live here in the States and if the setlists are the same overseas (from what I can see) then you're gonna have a great time.

Make sure to move around with the crowd if you're gonna be close to the stage though, otherwise its a bad time lol.


Chat with you on the forum soon!

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Living in rural areas in Germany is hell for VK fans, I know that from experience ;D 

I hope you will get the chance to see gazette live this weekend. I'll be at the show in Cologne. If you want to meet there, just PM me!

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